Semi / Manual Lug Capping Machine

Semi/Manual lug capping machine is very compact model with pneumatic working, there are two movements for capping a lug on glass bottles. They are
1)Clamping of cap with bottles
2)Tightening of cap to the bottle
Semi/Manual lug capping machine is having two pneumatic cylinders in two directions, mounted to get a freemovement during capping , the cylinders are operated through apanel box, mounted at oneside of the unit.
A paddel operatd switch is provided to actuate the working , eachpress will doeach capping action, Machine is made compact and table top weigh only 30 kgs. During capping operation the bottle with cap is placed manually under the capping head nd paddle operated switch is pressed ON.
Here the clamping cylinderactuate, nd the bottle with cap is tightly pressed to each other. Now at the same time another cylinder is actuated which does the capping action. The cylinder is set in such a way the after a percect clamp the cylinder is either slipped or stopped as per tightness required.