Automatic Rotary Glass/ Pet Bottle washing Machine


Automatic bottle washing machine is rotary bottle washing machine is compact , highly efficient and elegant in look. It has many functional features as per GMP standard to wash containers of glass, plastic or other material. Automatic bottle washing machine operates on the rotary principle with GENEVA mechanism and requires manually loading and unloading of bottle

Operation :-
Automatic bottle washing machine The bottles are loaded on rotating platform where bottle holders i.e. nylon cups are specially designed to accommodate bottle with varying neck diameter and bottle diameter . the bottle are placed in an inverted position in cups . the external cleaning of the bottles is done by spraying showers. Solenoid valves are provided to enable the regulation of timings and sequence of various washing media to suit specific requirement

Technical specification :-

Max. Dia Of The Bottle :- 85 mm
Out Put /Minute :- 64 B.P.M.
No Of Pumps :- 2 Nos / Centrifugal ½ “ Size
Motor :- 1 H.P./ 3000 RPM/ 440V
S.S. Tank :- 2 Nos 70 Liters Each
Main Drive :- 1 H.P. / 3 Phase
Electrical Load :- 3 KW
Over All Dimensions :- 4.5 feet X 4.5 feet W X 5 feet ( H )
Net Weight :- 310 Kg.
Gross Weight :- 500 Kg