Manual Brushing Washing Machine With Rinsing


Manual bottle brushing & rinsing machine for washing new & used glass, plastic bottle of products like cold drink, flavored milk, juice, wine, beer, sauce etc. It is very useful machine for clearing the used bottle as well as to rinse the used bottles before use.

Manual brushing & rinsing machine is a GMP stainless steel model consists of three different units as follows Brushing unit: Available in 2 heads. Have SS covered body and robust construction. Rotating Chucks are provided to hold the brushes of suitable size for brushing the bottles. This unit is used for brushing inner/outer surface of bottle and clean the dust deposited.

Rinsing unit: Total 1 rinser will be fitted each unit is made out of Stainless Steel grade AISI304, consists of 12nos (or more) of SS rinsers/jets . Ball valve is provided for controlling flow of water. Leak proof construction. Whole unit is constructed over a drainage tray to avoid spillage of water out of tank. Rubber corks are provided over rinsing tray to avoid chipping of bottles. After brushing the bottles are placed in bottoms up position on these jets, the strong multi jet flow of water cleans the scrubbed dust and waste from inner bottle surface