Tray Dryer


Tray Dryer : Drying oven is suitable for drying powders, bottles, resting and etc. The oven is manufactured from M.S. double walls or S.S.304 quality insulated with fiber glass. A blower is provided to circulate the hot air evenly in the oven, and dampers are provided from which moist air is driven our. And fresh air is drawn in. For heating "U" type escort heaters are used. A panel box is provided having indicating lamps, thermostat starter. Digital temperature controller is provided for controlling temprature. The inner part of the oven is painted with heat resistant silver paint and outside is painted with synthetic enamel paint. The oven upto 24 trays capacity is supplied without trolley.

Capacity (Ltrs) Motor H.P. Max. Temp. Model No. Capacity (Ltrs) Motor H.P. Max. Temp. Model No.
6 Trays 1/4 100°C B/TD-6 12 Trays 1/4 100°C B/TD-12
24 Trays 1/2 100°C B/TD-24 48 Trays 1/4 100°C B/TD-48
96 Trays 2 & 1 100°C B/TD-96 - - - -