Ribbon Blander / Powder Mixer


From the smallest to the largest ribbon blender are designed for fast mixing of powders , paste . they are used in leading processing plants for mixing such materials as chemicals , food. Drugs medicines, cosmetics synthetic days, fertilizers , insecticides, animal feeds, any many other products wherever light to medium mixing is required there is a ribbon blender which is ideal for the job

Various type of agitators are available to meet all mixing requirement . these agitators provide a triple mixing action . in abbition to the rotary movements of the agitator , the two ribbons conveys the ingredients in opposite longitudinal directions these combined action subject each portions to thousand of mixing action per minute and results in the nearly perfect blending action known today

Features :

» Top cover depending on the length of the blander
» Centrally located flush bottom discharge
» Stuffing boxes with easily disassembled housing
» Pure Teflon gland packing provided
» Stainless steel surface are polished to desired standard, all exterior non- stainless surface are painted with enamel paint.
» Squirrel cage , three phase induction motors suitable for 415 volt 50 hz
» Worm reduction gear box
» Single speed drive
» Blander is mounted on supports providing adequate discharge clearance.

Technical Specification :

Working Capacity (ltr) Full Capacity (ltr) Tank size Motor H.P.
40 48 330O*405L*380 1
150 180 430O*965L*470 1.5
300 372 530O*1220L*610 3
500 580 610O*1525L*650 5
700 800 660O*1675L*724 7.5
1000 1180 760O*1980L*840 10
1600 1800 860O*2285L*945 15
1850 2060 915O*2440L*1000 15
2000 2250 1015O*2650L*1100 15