Centrifugal And Gear Pump


V.P.M offer stainless steel centrifugal and gear pumps. The pumps are designed and manufactured to transfer a variety of liquid in pharmaceutical , food processing , beverages ,dary and other allid industries . the sanitary fitting and construction from high grade pressed stainless steel ensures smooth and even transfer of liquids. Sturdy construction , easy to install , dismantle and assemble . highly lapped and finished mechanical sealing system ensure leak- proof working .The complete unit is mounted on S.S base and castor wheels also available love type transfer pump for high viscous liquid

Size Motor ( H.P.) Output (ltr/hr)
1/2" 1 600
1" 2 3,500
11/2" 3 14,000
2" 5 22,000
21/2" 5 30,000