Planetary Mixer


This equipment is basically a mixing assembly where the agitation pattern is of the planetary nature The beater or the agitation assembly rotate around itself as well as travel in a circle in the bowl thereby achieving intimate mixing. Because of special design feature of shifting the mass is uniformly and intimately mixed. Planetary mixer complete with S.S. removable bowl, S.S. blade having variable 3 different speeds and one neutral speed suitable for mixing and beating for viscous and pasty materials. The machine is designed for practical and easy operation and running is noiseless very easy to operate with minimum of attention, the machine is provided with a hand drive worm gear arrangement to lift and lower the bowl and is complete with 1phase/3 phase 400/440 volts, 50 cycles electric motor

Features :

1) Available in all grade of carbon steel and stainless steel
2) Optional Teflon coated internals for food and sticky material application
3) Jacketed construction available for steam and cooling application
4) Available in working capacities of 5 liter to 500 liter
5) Mixing bowl is made portable to facilitate comfortable transporting , washing etc.
6) Various types of beaters can be provided for different materials
7) Motorized , manual lifting and sliding arrangement possible for bowl
8) Flame proof construction optional

Model Working cap ltr/kgs H.P.
25 25 0.5
50 50 1
100 100 2
200 200 3
250 250 5
300 300 5
250 250 75