Label Gumming Machine


Manual Labeling Machine :

1) Suitable for gumming labels & wrappers of any EVEN OR UNEVEN shape.
2) A most easy operating machine which makes hand labelling clean and neat.
3) Labels feeding & picking is done by hand.
4) Gum layer can be controlled.
5) Uniform coating of gum
6) Any free flowing Gum can be used.
7) Easy to operate & easy to maintain.
8) SS304 covered base.
9) Available in Roller length: 6", 12", 18".
10) Drive Motor in all Models –
11) 0.1 H.P., 230 v., 1440 R.P.M., 1 Phase.

Semi Automatic Labeling Machine :


1) Compact Table Top Model for Ease in handling.
2) No change parts required for changes in Size of Container & Label.
3) Suitable for Glass/Plastic/Metal/Tin/Pet/ Aluminum / Composite Containers, Tins, Jars and Bottles.
4) Grooved and Brut shaped bottles can also be labeled.
5) Suitable for Spot, Complete Wrap-Around and Over Lap Labeling where the length of Label is more than the circumference of the container.
6) Minimum Glue Consumption due to special design of Glue Cylinder for Strip Gluing.
7) Suitable for Pharmaceuticals, Food, Beverage, Distillery, Cosmetics, Pesticides, Chemicals, Agro Chemical and similar products.
8) Flame proof motor is optional.
9) Also available for self adhesive sticker labels.

Technical specification :

Diameter of Container - 27mm to 100 mm
Height of container - 35mm to 270mm
Label Width - 26mm to 160mm
label length - 80mm to 325mm
Power supply - 415 V / 3 phase
Motor - 0.25 HP